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Natural Wild hair Conditioner Recipes

Kyley, thank you so such for your website. Now I can make my very own products for my kids and spend less doing it. I have very dry wild hair - its about medium duration…and boy will it get dry through the winter! I used argan petrol too - but the best product i found that works for me is the Shielo Hydrate Conditioner. There is something is this conditioner which makes my hair tender like butter ! The biggest feature is the container lasts considerably longer than other products I have tried. That is perfect if you have long wild hair like mine and quickly complete hair products!
Glycerin is another drinking water soluble ingredient which you can use instead of part of the water element of your conditioner. It helps capture the moisture content from the environment to keep your locks moisturized, and it also supports curl definition and frizz decrease! Regarding glycerin, you will surely get an excessive amount of a very important thing. Not only can it get too sticky if you use too much, but it might also end up working against you by actually pulling moisture from nice hair and drying it in extremely dry out weather if used by itself. (It could actually cause problems for hair in extremely humid conditions when overdone.) I'd recommend sticking to around 5% of the final weight of your conditioner, if you are surviving in an extremely dry out or humid weather, you might consider less than that or giving it out entirely.
This is a lot like people who use baking soda pop , some will rave great results while others will have their locks completely demolished after just one use or several. Would I wish to risk burning off my curls and also have scalp breakage ? I don't think so. Plus, the wild hair may be so improperly or insufficiently moisturised and so dehydrated that deep conditioning immediately will have flowing hair feeling smooth and smooth, a real contrast from the dried up hair previously organised, which will keep it going and growing.
For an over night pre-poo treatment a veggie oil is the best thing you may use. It can help with maintaining your locks moisturised, detangling and reduces breakage. You don´t need to detangle when doing this. I really do an olive oil pre-poo and I only detangle my locks after when I apply my conditioner after shampooing it. Some people find their pre-poo supports detangling before cleaning and it´s ok, however, you ought to know that flowing hair can become more vulnerable to breakage when it´s dry out has it doesn´t contain the overall flexibility/elasticity that normal water lends” to it.
I cannot actually tell you for a fact that the mane breakage you have is due to overnight deep conditioning, but in my estimation, it is something I'd stop doing. I can see how it could make your locks super gentle and over-moisturised and make it weaker and finally break, but I don't see it triggering knots. This as probably more regarding manipulation, not detangling properly, not placing you head of hair to sleeping, not doing enough protecting or zero-maintenance hairstyles and a few other things. To help you further I'd need to know more about your locks regimen.natural hair conditioner bar recipe
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